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My Services 

Welcome to The Clarity Journey Health and Life. I am a health coach that is eager to help you make empowered decisions and to take bold steps. My 90 Day Total Transformation Program is specially curated for your specific goals and needs.  I strive to help you gain confidence, courage and make lasting changes in your life.  I also have other programs that may be of interest to you. Take a look at  my menu and see what would best the best fit for you.  You are worth investing in yourself.

My Program Offerings

90 Day Total Transformation Program

90 Days

12 Sessions 

12 Total sessions 

1-1.5 hours per session

Meets on a weekly basis

Personal One on One time

Can be done in person (if you are local), by phone or video conferencing

Curated es​pecially for your specific  needs. 

Local clients benefit with field trips to grocery stores,  farmers markets and  discovery sessions of types of exercise that work for you.


Clarit​y Group Coaching​ 

6 Group Sessions with 3 other clients

6 Total sessions

1-1.5 hours per session

Meets on a weekly basis

A Mastermind Group to help you get the help and accountability you need to meet you greatest challenges in your life

Personal One on One time with you, while being in a group setting. 

Our sessions will be done  through

   video conferencing.

Because this is a modified version of my signature program we will focus on one thing that you want to work on

This program is specially curated for your specific needs.


 Blueprint Coaching Call

This offer is for a one time coaching session

1 -1.5 hour session

This program will help evaluate where you might be stuck  and how we can together create an action plan on how to move ahead. 

Create New Action Steps for your Life

This  offering can be used as often as needed.


When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you needed?

Working with Coach Michelle is a helpful and motivating way for you to reach the health goals you want but seem to be out of reach.  As a Health Coach, she will assist you in creating a specific and action oriented plan. By providing accountability and support, she is with you every step of the way.  Together we make a personal wellness team that is unstoppable.

What my clients are saying

What can I say except LIFE CHANGING? Michelle is a people whisperer! She somehow just by asking questions was able to walk me through areas of my life and help me understand why I do the things I do. I have discovered what is important to me and have prioritized my life.  I was having difficulty with sleep issues and low energy. Now, I am aware of energy power foods and am eating healthy.  By increasing my exercise and decreasing stress I am now sleeping better than I have in years.  She has changed the way I face each day and I am loving life! Thank you Michelle Sullivan

Melissa Paris MSN, RN, CM

What our customers are saying

I worked with Coach Michelle for 90 days.  Wow! What a difference it made in my life.  I have been a life long devotee to loosing weight. I have met my goal weight several times but I never seemed to keep the weight off.  My last doctors' visit was a wake up call for me. I was diagnosed with kidney disease and was pre-diabetic. I knew it was now or never to make the lasting changes so that I could live a long healthy life.  With Michelle's coaching, I was able to finally change my mindset around food  and realized that "food is medicine". I am now managing my health from a more empowered place and am making great improvements  I am at my goal weight, my cholesterol is normal and my kidneys are beginning to improve.  While working with Michelle, I felt that she believed in me and was very encouraging. She made me feel like I could do what needed to be done. She provided me with resources and materials to help educate me along the way. I learned new things that have become a part of my new lifestyle.  

I am so grateful to her.  She had my back! She will have yours too!

Rose Marie Sutherland -retired  and loving life

What our customers are saying

I am 85 years young.  I have a zest for life but I was struggling with not getting enough sleep.  After meeting Michelle, I felt confident that we could work together. She really listened to my sleep concerns and we were able to develop a new habit of powering down my devices, and learning better ways to relax in the evenings.  As a result of working with her for 90 days, I now am sleeping 7-8 hours a night.  I was averaging 4 hours before working with her. It was extremely helpful to have accountability in the areas of sleep and relaxation. My memory had also improved as a result of getting a good night rest.  If you are looking for someone to work with you that is genuine yet firm, she won't let you down. We still connect once a month and she continues to help me with lasting habit changes. 

John Sullivan SR  Retired FAA-Business Entrepreneur

What our customers are saying

I began working with Michelle over a year ago now. What really peaked my interest was that she helped me find certain foods to help calm my cravings. I had no idea what my body was needing to calm my cravings.  During our time of working together, I have gone off all sugar and gluten. My skin is clearing up from psoriasis.   I have made a big change in the foods I eat. I really am more aware of what my body needs to function everyday. Being a hairdresser, I am on my feet constantly and it has been very hard on my body.  Michelle coached me with compassion and care and showed  me how to make beneficial decisions that are changing the course of my life not only now but into the future as well.  I am still working on the areas of weight loss and health but I am confident with her coaching,  I am going to continue to meet the goals I have set for myself. 

Mary  E. Lewis

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More testimonials

I approached Michelle because I saw firsthand the positive changes in her, and that was contagious.  I wanted to experience positive change in my life. Michelle helped me by encouraging me to deal with family of origin issues. She made me feel hopeful and empowered to move forward. Michelle provided me with lots of great tools which I can continue to use. To borrow and adage, Michelle just didn't just catch a fish for me, she taught me how to fish. I am grateful for Michelle's gifts as a coach, the opportunity to work with her and the changes I'm experiencing. 

Weldon Patterson

Looking back to where we started and where we have come, I can honestly say that I am no longer the person I was before. God has used you to gently lead and guide me into who I am today. Growth was made possible through your loving encouragement and commitment to always believe in me. I am more confident, more self accepting, less judgmental and more forgiving. 

I've learned to take baby steps, take deep breaths and spend time doing/being happy, letting stress go and picking up daily joys.

You have given me a great arsenal with which to continue to move forward.

Lynette Eremic

I approached Michelle because I needed encouragement, guidance, and accountability as I saw areas in my life that needed improvement. Michelle helped me by providing weekly, one hour sessions designed to help me focus and take action on my areas of concern.  Michelle made me feel supported, cared about, and empowered. She provided me with everything I needed, action steps, resources, and a foundation for continued growth.

Michelle helped me by enabling me to see how my thoughts, the things I tell myself, can be empowering or crippling. I am most grateful for Michelle's genuine desire to impact lives, for positive growth and change. When my clarity journey began, I was physically weak, emotionally spent, and stressed over work and finances. Today and going forward, I am active and strong, enjoying life, and taking steps towards achieving career goals and debt reduction.

Stacey Scott 

If not now? When? ​

Michelle Sullivan